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Get hands-on experience with KeyCreator’s nimble design functions and flexible data management with a 15-day free trial. KeyCreator supports design with solids, 2D, wireframe, surfacing, and building of assemblies all in the same 3D workspace —a structure tailored to organizations that need a fast and flexible design strategy.   

You'll need an email address and a system with Windows 7 or better. Download size is under 850 MB.

After install you will have access to dozens of step-by-step tutorials and topic-specific video resources to help you get going.

KeyCreator’s extensive translators are not included with this trial. If you would like to explore KeyCreator’s interoperability capabilities, please outline your needs in the comments section of this form and a representative will work with you to tailor the experience. 

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Quick modeling and editing without constraints

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Unique option to keep everything in one file without links