Meeting Boeing D6-51991 Requirements with
K-Compare Validate

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With more than a decade's experience developing the trusted tools in aerospace data integrity and with input from hundreds of Boeing suppliers, Kubotek3D is your partner in meeting all D6-51991 requirements. K-Compare Validate is the only tool to offer complete data comparison so you never have to worry about differences due to translation or Boeing quality audits. 


Boeing’s D6-51991 requires that Boeing suppliers maintain the integrity of Digital Product Definition (DPD) data through all manufacturing operations.  It also requires its suppliers to “continuously improve the quality of the product delivered.”

An effective way to accomplish compliance with Boeing D6-51991 is to validate changes against a master data file and then clearly communicate those data set changes.  These changes can be a result of CAD data translations, CAD system migrations, and modifications such as revisions or engineering change orders (ECO's).

It’s not just Boeing.  Other aerospace suppliers are adopting this type of data integrity requirement as a way to improve their own design-to-manufacture processes and supply chain quality and accountability.  OEM’s such as Lockheed, Airbus and Gulfstream are also looking to continuously improve by validating digital product data throughout their extended enterprises.



 Validating changes and/or digital product data enhances:

  • CAD model translation assurance,
  • revision control of engineering change orders,
  • long term archiving (LOTAR) and storage requirements, and
  • other quality-based, manufacturing processes

K-Compare Validate is the only geometry-based technology which provides superior accuracy for comparison and validation of CAD part & assembly data.  

We invite Boeing and aerospace suppliers to learn more about K-Compare Validate—which includes the PMI/MBD option to help you identify errors to Model Based Definition (MBD) or Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) contained in the 3D model—so you can ensure your data integrity and pass Boeing D6-51991 quality audits. Reach out today to set up your trial.

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