CADKEY to KeyCreator

Make the move to KeyCreator for leading-edge design and compatibility features  

A lot has changed since CADKEY evolved into KeyCreator in 2004. The design and manufacturing marketplace increasingly favors flexibility while tech and software advances have expanded capabilities (and raised expectations) on all fronts. KeyCreator represents the leading-edge of speed and compatibility in geometry-centered CAD, allowing users to work seamlessly across 2D, 3D, solid and surface modeling or drafting environments. The features and functionality that made CADKEY a classic are still at the core of KeyCreator, but are now enhanced by more than a decade’s worth of advancements. Former CADKEY users love KeyCreator’s full undo/redo, unlimited levels and sublevels, and management of large files using references. 

KeyCreator is the only product that will read 100% of your CADKEY data. Our sales team is ready to help you join the countless CADKEY users who have discovered the benefits of KeyCreator.

 KeyCreator 3D CAD/CAM

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