Try KeyCreator Analysis

KeyCreator Analysis is the brand new analysis tool from Kubotek that combines the power of the #1 Direct CAD modeler KeyCreator with revolutionary new Sefea processing technology for a whole new level of ease of use, speed and precision in CAD Simulation.

  1. Prepare your CAD models in KeyCreator easily regardless of how it was created or what program was used.
  2. Open the analysis tab and setup your model for simulation. 
  3. Automeshing is used for most simulation situations and because of Sefea's new algorithms, a less dense mesh is all that is needed to get accurate results.
  4. Run the simulation and quickly see your results.
  5. Make changes and repeat (if necessary).

Designers can now run simulation instead of waiting hours or days for simulations to be run by analysts.

Analysts can now run complex multiphysics simulations in much less time due to Sefea technology.

Try KeyCreator Analysis yourself - request a free trial or request more information or even a private demonstration by entering your information to the right.