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Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter  |  March 2017

Spring has Sprung?

While it doesn't quite feel it around here, Spring has Sprung. That means it's time to start thinking about the beach, vacations and getting lean. But, that can also apply to your businesses as well. Direct CAD can easily fit into your Lean Manufacturing environment by helping you save time --and in the end money-- when it comes to designing and fixing 

In fact, findings by Lifecycle Insights in our eBook: Working with 3D Models: The Contract Manufacturer's Key to Profitable Growth showed that in general, 66% of engineers say they spend at least 4 hours a week fixing broken geometry. That's a lot of time wasted--not very lean at all. 

Maybe you should give it a read while you're spending time on the bike or treadmill getting ready for the summer and help your company get leaner at the same time. 


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Direct CAD as Part of the Lean Manufacturing Environment

Contract manufacturers are often under the gun to produce quickly to keep their shop floor busy and profitable. Too often, though, broken geometry and designs not ready for the manufacturing process can slow down the works — and time is money. That’s where direct CAD, and KeyCreator — in particular — can help manufacturers run their engineering and design process a bit leaner and more efficiently.

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Tech Tip: Part Modification Using Hybrid Modeling

Tech Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday, we give you  quick Tech Tip Video, showing you some great time- and money-saving tips that will help you speed your way through the design process. Take a look at one of our most recent ones  Part Modification Using Hybrid Modeling

Better yet, you can subscribe to our blog and never miss a Tip, infographic or other great insights on running your business better. 

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Infographic on A Quick Look at Improving Your DPD Audit Process

[Infographic] A Quick Look at Improving Your DPD Audit Process

Boeing was one of the aerospace leaders to define Digital Product Definition (DPD) standards for suppliers. Today Boeing is not alone as other OEMs such as Gulfstream, Lockheed, etc., offer DPD guideline. Even suppliers themselves have taken the lead using DPD standards to validate their CAD process from model translation assurance to revision control to order changes and archiving and storage.

Still, though, just like cramming for a test [come on, we've all done it] passing a DPD audit is a struggle as along the way there are many steps that can be overlooked and turned into missteps if you aren't prepared.


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G2 Crowd Software Reviews

KeyCreator is Feeling the Love

Our customers love us. Just check out the reviews on the G2Crowd, the leading B2B review site. KeyCreator is sitting atop a group of other companies in the Product and Machine Software category with 19 5-Star reviews! Take a look, and feel free to add to the love. 

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Keep tabs on us and learn a thing or two about what makes us tick and maybe how to save time on your designs. Start by reading one, two or all of our recent blog posts.

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