New Generation of CAD Comparison Tools Confidently Identify and Communicate Change

Abstract of White Paper: New Generation of CAD Comparison...Confidently Identify and Communicate Change

Product design methods have undergone dramatic improvements in the last two decades with the advent of the digital product definition (DPD) and other improvements, but there has been minimal change in the methods used to implement engineering changes. Engineers or technicians compare CAD by typically overlaying the old and the new parts and looking for differences between in the CAD files. This process is time-consuming and often has to be repeated several times throughout manufacturing and quality control. Most worrisome is the potential for missing changes which could result in making bad parts or could even cause a recall.

Enter a new generation of CAD comparison tools to fight against these challenges.  Download this white paper to learn how these tools can read native CAD formats and then mathematically compare the geometry to completely identify all the differences between two files.  You'll learn how this automated approach will save you considerable time. It will also help to prevent potentially costly errors in identifying engineering changes.  Everyone, including purchasing, manufacturing, quality, subcontractors, etc, will reap the benefit of these new CAD comparison tools. 

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