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KeyMarkUp CAD Viewer - View and Mark Up Over Two Dozen Formats

KeyMarkUp multi-CAD viewer with markup capabilities - View, Mark Up and Share CAD files without the need for any CAD software.

Use KeyMarkUp to increase your team's productivity with only a minimal investment in time, money or training. 

Sales, Marketing, Engineering or Manufacturing can focus only on the part of the model that they need to in order to get their job done quickly.  

  • Simple-to-use and intuitive interface

  • Quickly open very large assembly files and nearly all of the most popular 2D and 3D CAD formats including CATIA V4 & CATIA V5 (2D and 3D) , Pro/Engineer & Creo (2D & 3D) , JT Open, I-DEAS, 3D XML, VDA-FS,  SolidWorks (2D & 3D), Siemens PLM NX

  • Move and align parts in an assembly context for better viewing using the powerful dynamic transform tool

  • Export images in JPEG and other image formats for a simple way to communicate and collaborate via email or other data sharing methods

  • Print professional grade images by using the power of KeyMarkUp’s print manager

  • Optionally export popular CAD formats or 3D PDF for easy communication and distribution

  • Calculate mass properties, area, volume, angles, projected areas, and other extensive measurement tools

  • Optional mold module to better analyze models to locate problems or to prepare more accurate quotations

    • draft angle analysis

    • thickness analysis

    • shrinkage calculation

    • static interference check, and

    • calculation of projected surfaces

  • Introductory pricing starts at $595 for KeyMarkUp Basic

Review the KeyMarkUp data sheet for a full list of supported file formats and available options.