Add a Secret Weapon to Your Design Arsenal - Add KeyCreator Direct CAD

Get KeyCreator Direct CAD - with 1 year of maintenance - for only $2995*

Due to popular demand, this sale has been extended until 2/14/2014. 

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KeyCreator is the secret weapon used behind the lines at major aerospace companies, automotive suppliers, medical device manufacturers and tool and die shops everywhere.

Now at half the price of other popular CAD packages, you can easily afford to add Direct CAD to your arsenal.

Easily edit other people’s CAD files - SolidWorks®, CATIA®, Pro/E®, AutoCAD® …  And your CAD model will never self-destruct as you create geometry in real-time.  This means legendary data reuse for saving you countless hours.



Other benefits of KeyCreator include: 

  • Quickly produce 3D design concepts  – there are no constraints.

  • Easily add filets, boolean additional shapes, cut holes.

  • Add precision to your design with sophisticated modeling tools.

  • Export CAD files in multiple formats.

  • Produce drawings to communicate your design or manufacturing instructions.


Want further evidence?  Here's what John C. Fusi, Principal & CEO at JCF Research Associates, Inc., has to say:

I have to deal with files from various customers and toolshops, virtually all of which come in to me as either native file format of Pro/E, SolidWorks or AutoCAD, or occasionally as STEP files. Opening them and modifying them is never a problem for me in KeyCreator. Often a client of mine tries to send their SolidWorks file to our Pro/E toolshop, and the toolshop has problems with the file. When this happens, they send it to me, I open it in KeyCreator, heal the file, convert it to STEP and send it off to the Pro/E toolshop. When I do this, they are able to open the files without any problem

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*KeyCreator Standard single user license.  Promotional price only sold with maintenance.  No further discounts taken.  Offer applies only in North America.  Expires 2/14/2014.