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Got a great CAD design - Win a prize!

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Wed, Aug 10, 2011

Solidsmack CAD Design contest photoDo you consider yourself a great designer?

Would you like to prove it to the world?  Would you like to encourage young people to pursue a career in engineering and design?

Here is your chance to shine AND collect some great prizes (Including a KeyCreator license, 3D print of your CAD design and $500).  We are sponsoring the design contest along with others,to encourage the creative spirit to flourish and just for fun.  And it also gets you the recognition you deserve as a great CAD designer. 

The contest is called the SolidSmack Awesome Sauce design contest.  The complete rules (not many rules) can be found here.

It's really easy to enter, and you can enter as many times as you like.  The contest closes on September 9, 11:59 MDT.  Why MDT??? I don't know, we didn't make the rules...

So, show off you design skills and prove to the world that KeyCreator gives designers the freedom and precision of Direct Modeling that allows you to fully express your creativity and awesomeness.

The world needs your inspiration - and so do our young people.  That is actually the theme of the contest...inspiring young people to choose careers in engineering and design.

So check out the contest and may the best design win!

Thanks for reading!

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