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Use KeyCreator and you can get rid of a Boss with a simple Scribe.

Posted by John Agoglia on Thu, Dec 09, 2010

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Imagine that you’ve imported the part illustratedpp4 4 resized 600 at the right from another CAD package and need to quickly modify it so it looks like the lower part.

In a Feature-Based Parametric CAD package this can be a real hassle, since the cross-rib feature shares common faces on the top and bottom of the part with describe the imageother features.

In KeyCreator, our powerful Face Scribe Function and Face-Logic Feature Recognition make this a piece of cake!

We simply scribe the faces to break them into multiple patches.describe the image

describe the imageAnd then use our Remove Feature Function and Face Logic to identify the two sections as bosses to be removed.

We don’t need a feature tree since KeyCreator can instantly recognize features using powerful algorithms unique to this application!





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