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Posted by Scott Sweeney on Fri, Sep 18, 2009

I want to say that whatever you want to call it, and I certainly don't want to call it Explicit modeling (whoever coined that term - didn't want to get any emails through spam filters!). Let's call it Direct Modeling, we are certainly receiving some great accolades from the press as of late.  I'd like to share one of those articles with you.

WorldCAD Access - Kubotek V9

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3D Direct Dimension editing Technology gets better in KeyCreator V9

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Thu, Sep 17, 2009

Version 9 is almost here.  We have been working very hard to enhance the user's ability create and edit geometry in the most straightforward yet robust manner.

 While history based modelers have used this technique for some time, the problem has been that you are constrained by the history of how you build the model.  With Direct dimension driven editing there are no constraints.  The dimensions are a wonderful tool for making powerful edits to one feature or a set of features.  And when you are done using the dimensions, you just delete them.


This workflow is perfect for developing initial designs, where you don't want to get locked into all of the preceeding steps in developing your design.  It is also great for developing tooling or fixtures.

This tool is a must have for a manufacturing department or company that wants to quickly prepare models for manufacturing or to develop operation sheets or work instructions.

Please watch a short video on the direct dimention edit enhancements we have made for Version 9 of KeyCreator, which is scheduled to be released this Fall.  Direct Dimension Enhancements in KeyCreator Version 9 Video

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