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Spectrum CAD Viewer $99 Sale - Freedom from Incompatible CAD files

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Wed, Sep 09, 2009


Dynamic Man Freeing the world from Incompatible CAD files

What problem is shared worldwide by product designers and the manufacturing supply chain?

Incompatible CAD files.  Just the ability to view "non-native" files would help productivity in most cases.  Entrenched CAD companies will tell you that there is no problem, just make sure that everyone in your company and your suppliers and consultants all use the same same (their) CAD package and tools - problem solved!

We all know that this is not the solution.  And honestly things get lost in translation - many times from one version of the same CAD package to the next - Airbus learned that lesson a few billion times... the hard way from their CAD vendor!

Kubotek is on a mission - to free the CAD designer and the supply chain from the tyranny of proprietary CAD files.  So in celebration of this and just because we are the opposite of German negativity day 9-9-9, we have put the Kubotek Spectrum Multi-CAD viewer on sale  - only $99!  This viewer views the most popular CAD packages including Catia, NX, ProE, SolidWorks, Inventor, DXF, DWG, IGES STEP and many more.

Its very easy to use to view, measure, print, get mass properties, manipulate the CAD files.

And if you want to be able to edit all of these formats - you can do this with our Multi-CAD CAD packages - Kubotek KeyCreator.

Need to compare or validate translated CAD data - you can do that with our Kubotek Validation tool.

Since we are the masters of geometry - our ability to read, edit and recognize features in CAD data (and edit them) has no equal.

So, celebrate 9-9-9 with us and download a free 7 day trial version and come back and purchase.  And give our CAD and other tools a try too.

As always - thanks for reading.  If you found this interesting and useful please pass this along.


PS - Who is that superhero fighting proprietary CAD formats?  It's Dynamic Man.  He's joined forces with Kubotek to free engineers in Design and Manufacturing from the constraints of history and proprietary CAD files.  Watch for him in the webisphere...

PPS - This pricing is from KubotekUSA and is for the US and Canada only.


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