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2010 - The Year of 3D Direct Modeling

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Mon, Jan 04, 2010

Paul Hamilton of CoCreate has a blog entry that I wanted to share with you.  He talks about the confusion in the market in 2009 over history-based versus history-free modeling. 

He makes some good distinctions between what some of the large history-based parametric companies are trying to do versus what true 3D Direct Modelers are today.

He also correctly comments that 3D Direct modelers are making large gains in terms of functionality and productivity, where the history-based modelers are not.  I believe the history-based modelers are focusing on PLM and PDM, because their modelers are complex and need complex and costly PLM and PDM solutions.

Here is a link to his blog and the comments:


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Happy New Year!




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Direct Modeling in Today's Manufacturing World

Posted by Mark Parent on Thu, Oct 08, 2009
I've been hearing a lot of discussions out on the blogs about how the manufacturing world thinks the vendors (like Kubotek) need to provide better tools to help them compete on a global market. I wonder how serious the manufacturers really are about adopting change to make their businesses stronger and more competitive on a global scale.

The Direct Editing and Direct Modeling tools that are available today are a tremendous help to any manufacturing company. Time to market is important, right? Altering the design to improve the product is important, right? Being able to use any geometry of any model is important, right?

Manufacturers are probably the most ingenious and effective businesses in the world. So how can we help them understand that there are tools out there today that can make them better.

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