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#TechTipTuesday-- Dynamic XForm - DynaHandle Alignment

Posted by John Agoglia on Tue, Apr 11, 2017


Take a two-minute look at using KeyCreator's unique DynaHandle for easy and quick alignment while working on your 3D model. Buy KeyCreator Today and get FREE KeyCreator Essentials Online Training (a $1,150 value) or Targeted Technical Training (a $895 Value)! 





Buy KeyCreator Today and Get FREE KeyCreator Essentials Online Training (a $1,150 value) or Targeted Technical Training (a $895 Value)! 

I want to learn more about learning KeyCreator for FREE! 



Here you can see that the movement of the DynaHandle is based on the construction plane.

You can change the direction of movement by selecting an X, Y, or Z arrow with the Right Mouse Button then select Align To Vector or Align to Plane

In this case, we are selecting a Vector (edge) for the direction

Now the DynaHandle movement is based off of the Vector selected and not the construction plane

You can also not only change the direction of the move but align the part at the same time

Select the X, Y, or Z arrow with the Right Mouse Button then select Align Move, then the Align Move to Vector or Align Move to Plane. In this case, we are selecting a Vector (edge) for the direction.

Align To Vector changes only the vector direction

Align Move To Vector changes the vector direction and adjusts part to the vector

For more information visit or call 800-372-3872 Option 2





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#TechTipTuesday-- Meeting & Exceeding Boeing's D6-51991 Requirements for Validating Translated CAD Data

Posted by Andy Beaupre on Tue, Apr 04, 2017


Take a two-minute tour of Kubotek's Validation Tool [which is on sale for only $2,995, including first year's maintenance] and how it can help you with quality compliance and standards such as  Boeing's D6-51991. [Transcript at bottom]





For a limited time, Get Validation Tool for only $2,995 (including first year's maintenance).
Click below to get more info, a demo or to purchase yours today! 

I Want to Learn More About Validation Tool




The Kubotek Validation Tool was built from the ground up for validating CAD data for quality system compliance.

It uses industry leading all-inclusive geometric comparison providing the most accurate method of validating CAD translations.

A flexible set of compare options lets you define the types of geometry to be validated and compare tolerances.

The MASTER and COPY (translated) data sets are identified and tracked throughout the validation and reporting process to insure complete traceability.

The simple step-by-step procedure facilitates a quick and efficient validation process.

Visual feedback and results indicate that the validation is complete.

The final output of the process is a quality document with complete traceability.

The document includes:

  • File Data;
  • Compare option data; and
  • A complete results summary

If you need help passing the Boeing D6-51991 or other quality standards, call us at 800-372-3872





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[Infographic] Top 5 Challenges Facing Independent CAD Designers

Posted by John Agoglia on Thu, Jul 28, 2016


Independent CAD designers are a mash-up of an engineer, creative artist, geometrician, and businessperson. Here is a snapshot of some of the common challenges facing them day-to-day and tips to get over the hurdles. For a more detailed look, read our blog from March and register for our Online Roundtable: Overcome These 5 Common Challenges Facing Independent CAD Designers.




What challenges are you facing in your independent CAD design business? We'd love to know. 


Want to hear how leading independent CAD designers tackle common obstacles? Register for our Online Roundtable by clicking below!

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[Infographic] A Quick Look at Improving Your DPD Audit Process

Posted by John Agoglia on Thu, Jun 02, 2016


Boeing was one of the aerospace leaders to define Digital Product Definition (DPD) standards for suppliers. Today Boeing is not alone as other OEMs such as Gulfstream, Lockheed, etc., offer DPD guideline. Even suppliers themselves have taken the lead using DPD standards to validate their CAD process from model translation assurance to revision control to order changes and archiving and storage.

Still, though, just like cramming for a test [come on, we've all done it] passing a DPD audit is a struggle as along the way there are many steps that can be overlooked and turned into missteps if you aren't prepared. Jose Covarrubias of 3Dataflow told a full-house webinar crowd last month, "improving your internal processes and systems can make a big difference to your bottom line."

Take a look at the infographic below for some of the benefits of getting your DPD process in order. To hear the whole story from Jose, be sure to check out the on-demand replay of the webinar here




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We dropped the price of Kubotek Validation Tool. Here's why:

Posted by John Agoglia on Thu, Feb 11, 2016

We introduced new list pricing for several of our products recently, including Kubotek Validation Tool. That in and of itself isn't really blog-worthy. However, the reasons behind why we did so might be.  Read on...

Superior technology shouldn't have to cost you more.

Many of our Kubotek Validation Tool customers come to us because they need to meet the Boeing D6-51991 Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition (DPD). 

As part of this quality specification, Boeing suppliers need software to validate their CAD data against the OEM issued master file. A validation report is processed to assure that no changes have been introduced to a file at any point during the manufacturing process. The biggest fear is that a random, unintentional change could negatively affect product quality. The validation report provides traceability.

There are two technology types available that can do this validation.  One is a points-based system, wherein random points are placed throughout a CAD model.  The same point pattern is applied to the master file. If any of the points don't match, it's flagged as a difference. That works if the points are placed in the correct location. There is, however, still a risk that a point will not be located on a section of geometry that is, in fact, different. 

The other type of validation software, Kubotek Validation Tool, uses geometric pattern recognition technology that mathematically compares two CAD models, regardless of file type. This sort of comparison ensures that two models are geometrically identical and is far more accurate due to the mathematical calculations that run the software. You can't cheat the math.

Most people would assume a more accurate software should be more expensive, that if you want the better product, you have to pay more. But that logic doesn't sit well with us. Why should manufacturers have to choose between quality and price? That's one reason we lowered the price of Kubotek Validation Tool - so manufacturers could get the better product at a better price.

Superior technology and a lower price also satisfies finicky purchasing agents

Providing justification to your purchasing agent is easier when the better product is competitively priced. By lowering the list price of Kubotek Validation Tool, we are making the RFP process less painful.

A lower price makes it less cost prohibitive to be in compliance.

Even though CAD Validation software is just one check-box that needs to be checked in order to pass the Boeing D6 audit, it's a requirement that must be in place to pass the audit and achieve OEM approval.

In essence, that kind of creates a cornered market. Customers have little choice but to buy a software tool and avoid an audit failure if they want to be a Boeing supplier.

Sure, we could have jacked up the price, but that would be wrong and not at all the way Kubotek works. I refer back to my point above. By lowering the prices on our end, we want to make it easier for suppliers to meet their compliance requirements.

Lowering the cost of one of the audit elements may make it more affordable for a smaller organization to compete.

We know that companies come in all shapes and sizes. We work with many smaller businesses on a daily basis. Their size is by no means indicative of their know-how and ability to deliver quality products. 

Meeting quality requirements for a D6 audit already requires a number of elements. And yes, we know validation software is only a small part of that. But we don't think it's fair that many smaller companies choose not to compete for contracts simply because they can't afford a pivotal piece of the puzzle that would allow them to play in the Boeing arena. 

Reducing the cost of one of the audit elements may make it more affordable for a smaller organization to compete and win business.

Lower costs mean better quality for everyone.

With all the talk about Boeing D6 standards (and other aerospace OEM's that are beginning to adopt this type of quality requirement), we tend to lose sight of the real value of CAD validation.

CAD validation software can certainly be used by organizations for internal audit purposes. Organizations that need to be 100% confident in their design elements, for both their internal and external customers, will find that a product like Kubotek Validation Tool in their design check process will ensure the highest level of product quality.  

When it needs to be perfect, it needs to be validated. And when it needs to be validated, why not make it affordable. In the end, better quality products shouldn't have to mean inflated prices. Prices that I would assume would be raised to cover the cost of assuring that quality. 

I seem to have brought my thoughts around full circle, haven't I? 

Now it's your turn. Do you have any thoughts or knowledge you care to share? Post them in the comments section!



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The Joy of CAD Comparison

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Thu, Feb 02, 2012

Blogger's note - there are 3 links to blogs about Kubotek's new CAD comparison software KeyCreator Compare, below.

You know what's really fun?

Getting a new CAD model with revisions from your customer when you are already starting to manufacture the tool/mold/die or the product itself.

Yeah, that is really fun.

Especially when it comes on a Friday afternoon, say around 2:45 PM and you need to determine what the changes are and make sure that the evening and weekend shifts are making the right product.

Yeah, that's really a blast!

And if the CAD model is in Step or IGES and yours in is some other format, that makes it even better.

And let's say its in inches and you modeled in millimeters. 

Especially killer.

I love translating files... and then trying to figure out if the translation changed anything...

That's the bomb.

Then once your done figuring all that out...   (Sorry guys I can't go out for a beer after, I'm trying to get rid of the beer gut anyway.)

And then trying to figure out if they actually told you about all of the changes.  CAD Comparison, manual process...Fun!

Let's color the old CAD file Red (pretty, but Red is dead, they say) and then make the new CAD file Blue! (Blue New! - how poetic!)

Now comes the very most fun part!  All the stuff that is the same is, you know, Purple. But what about the red and blue areas?  Did you catch them all? This is even better than playing Where's Waldo! 

(Guess I'll be late for dinner again- but this is so worth it!)

 And what about Product Manufacturing Instructions?  You know - those kind of important things about how to make the part and the tolerances stuff?   Those aren't going to be purple or blue or red are they?   That's the real challenge...

That's what I live for, that's why I spent all of this time in school, learning to design and manufacture things, to enjoy hours comparing one old CAD file to another, just so we don't screw up and lose money on the job.  Yeah way cool!

OK, by now I am sure you get it. Manually comparing CAD files is about as much fun as taking an ice pick and jabbing it into your eye.

But, you don't have to do that anymore, there is a better way.

Yes, really.

Kubotek just came our with some really cool CAD Comparison technology.  The Kubotek Comparison suite.

KeyCreator Compare Is/Was comparision

And some really smart people (let's call them CAD Guru's) are getting their hands on it and telling you how useful and easy it is.

Don't take my word for it.

Read what these CAD gurus wrote about KeyCreator Compare:

Ralph Grabowski - KeyCreator Compare

John Evans review KeyCreator Compare

Matt Lombard review - KeyCreator Compare CAD software

Just think - no more time wasted making sure that the CAD file revisions were communicated properly and no more getting yelled at for missing a change and no more Friday afternoons missing beers with the guys (well, we can't promise that!)

Thanks for reading.

And we would love to hear from you.

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