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Has KeyCreator Direct CAD Gone to the Dogs?

Posted by John Agoglia on Fri, Aug 14, 2015

gracie harrierRest assured, KeyCreator Direct CAD hasn't gone to the dogs.  We have, however, signed on some new customers recently that I wanted to tell you about.  Because, doggone it, they are pretty cool!

One of our Regional Account Managers, Brett Castellano, reported that he signed on Dog-ON-It-Parks out of Everett, Washington.  As you can probably deduce, they make dog park equipment and other pet friendly products. Their mission is to " communities become more pet-friendly by providing solutions for dog parks, off-leash areas and everywhere else dogs are welcome."  Can anyone say "bring your dog to work day?"

And being the kind of person that I am (nosy), I had to ask Brett about them and why they chose KeyCreator Direct CAD.

According to Brett, their primary designer was using a highly customized version of another CAD software package intended for designing playgrounds, but it just wasn't making his tail wag.

He wanted to use something that would allow them to more easily create custom designed pieces and work better with organic shapes (think dog bone shaped bench seats or faux log tunnels for starters). So, given his prior experience with KeyCreator Direct CAD, he gave us a whistle.

So now, Dog-ON-It-Parks uses KeyCreator to customize their designs however they want (or their customers want), and still be able to access and reuse their library of files from their old CAD software - two things KeyCreator is legendary for.

As many of you already know, KeyCreator Direct CAD lets you import and edit nearly any native CAD file format intelligently. Already have a design that is kind of similar to a new design you want to create? No problem, import that file and start making modifications.  There's no worry as to which order design features were created or what changes may or may not be allowed. KeyCreator Direct CAD gives you tools to make as many dynamic variations, modifications and corrections as you want - without ever having to start over from scratch. 

Additionally, designers want to be off-leash when it comes to having the flexibility to create shapes without restrictions. KeyCreator offers a complete solution for shape design. Whether you want to work in 2D drafting, 3D solids, surfacing or even wireframe, KeyCreator seamlessly integrates all of these into one easy-to-use design environment.

KeyCreator Direct CAD lets you, as the designer, concentrate on the design rather than the software. And treats. Lots and lots of treats.

What about you? Do you have any cool applications you use KeyCreator Direct CAD for? (Anyone make cat parks?)

PS.  That's a picture of our dog Gracie. She's a Harrier.  She is NOT a Beagle on steroids.

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Aberdeen Study: Your CAD system should import other's Native files

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Fri, Feb 11, 2011

Did you see the latest multi-CAD research from Aberdeen group?

It says that the most productive companies, Best in Cbest in class trophylass performers, the ones that are kicking their competitor's butts, use CAD software that supports working with multiple Native CAD formats as their primary CAD modeler. 

This just published study says that says Multi-CAD is a fact - 82% of companies are using more than 3 different CAD systems to get their jobs done, but Best-in-class companies primary CAD solution is Mutli-CAD friendly.

So next time your friendly CAD rep tells you to just standardize on their system, if the system doesn't play nice with other vendor's native file formats - you may want to go looking for a solution that does!

What result do Best in class companies produce?

  • 90% of their projects are completed on time.
  • 91% are meeting quality targets.
  • Plus, they are reducing costs and man hours on their projects.

Impressive huh?

Furthermore - the more successful companies use a CAD tool that  will recognize geometry from the imported data - a hole is recognized as a hole.

Multi-CAD import of native geometry that also has the inteligence to recognize the features in the model allows companies to truly reuse data.  Whether a design firm is collaborating with their customers, or a manufacturing company is receiving revisions of an assembly this mutli-CAD capability saves time in having to remodel from scratch.  This abity to reuse, is the key to the Best-in-class companies performace gains over other companies

Click here to  download the report, but do it soon, it can only be downloaded for free until March 4th.

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