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Considering Direct CAD from an IT Point of View

Posted by John Agoglia on Tue, Oct 27, 2015

Direct CAD has many advantages (namely, it's not a history-based modeler).

For people considering KeyCreator Direct CAD, here are a few other ways in which our brand of Direct CAD can be beneficial to you, especially when it comes to the IT area of your business.

Stop juggling. One call does it all.


1. You need to maintain only one CAD software package.

Direct CAD relies on a model's geometry to build and edit designs. If there's geometry, a product like KeyCreator Direct CAD can work with it.  It doesn't matter who or what created a CAD model.  Nearly any native CAD file format, along with industry standard neutral formats can be imported into KeyCreator.  From there, you can work on and edit the file just as if it originated within KeyCreator itself.  With Direct CAD, you only need to maintain one software package, not multiple ones that do the same CAD type things (only those other programs do there thing for only a very specific file type).  That means less products that need installing, updating, licensing and troubleshooting.

2. Import master settings file for all users

Need to keep several users up to date?  Simply create a master settings file from your previous installations of KeyCreator. Then, when users need to update to a newer version of KeyCreator, you can import the master settings file to speed the process.  No need to select settings repeatedly for each user. 

3. You deal with us directly.

KeyCreator Direct CAD is direct in every sense of the word, including that you work with us directly.  Want to buy a new seat of software for a new employee? You call us. Have questions about the software, you call our technical support team, located just steps away from our Account Managers and Development staff.  The point is, there are no middle men to go through, watering down your questions or requests before they get into the hands of the people who can actually make things happen.

4. Access to a fantastic Technical Support team 

Speaking of the technical support team you work with, one word describes them best: FANTASTIC.  Have a question about the product? Need installation and licensing assistance? Have an idea to improve the product? No matter what the issue, our technical support team nails it on a daily basis. (Except when they hog the office microwave, but I digress.)  And our customers aren't too shy to tell us they think good things about our support team, too. 

In fact, using their words, they tell us we have "great customer service."  (Thank you, by the way.)

What else do you say about our team? How about that our technical support team is: "...a great asset to your company as I have never been able to pose a problem that [they] can't fix or explain..."

You also say things like: "good product, good support"  (Apparently, this guy doesn't get overly excited.) Or, "outstanding service and knowledge." And,  "my questions to support have almost always been answered within a day. When not, I was told upfront that some research was required. Support communicates well."

Our team can work with you via telephone, online chat, email, Skype, social media and we're still testing out telepathy (the results have been mixed so far).

Do you have any good things to add?  Please tell us!

In conclusion, if you're thinking about Direct CAD from an IT angle, you have 4 reasons to help in your consideration of (and by consideration, I mean you should acquire) Direct CAD.



Software Subscriptions and Customer Interaction?

Posted by John Agoglia on Tue, Oct 13, 2015
By now, anyone who uses a mechanical CAD application knows that Autodesk is changing its software licensing policy. The change that has everyone buzzing? Software subscriptions. That means you'll be renting the software, instead of relying on a perpetual license (buy it once, use it forever). customer-service-cube

Robert Green over at Cadalyst Magazine authored some interesting articles about this coming change.  He even posted an interview with an Autodesk VP where the VP explains some of the reason behind the switch.

I see where this new policy might have its advantages for people who don't have a lot of money for the upfront costs. Or for those who want up-to-the-minute software updates.  However, I see the disadvantages, too.  And while change is good, it's also very hard for some to accept.

Quite frankly, I could rehash all the arguments FOR subscriptions and AGAINST the policy.  But I think those have been written about before, both from our point of view and everyone else's. 

What's our point of view? KeyCreator Direct CAD and other Kubotek products are sold as perpetual licenses. And we think that once you buy a product, it's yours to keep. Just like the designs you make with them are yours to keep. We aren't about to try to lock you into a product just so you can access your designs down the road.

Anyway, in reading interview, something struck me.  Autodesk claims "With the perpetual license policy, we only interact with the customer when they purchase a new license. With the new rental policy, the customer has the freedom to not renew every year, so we must interact with and listen to the customer more."

Okaayy. But near the beginning of the article, Autodesk also states "Our most loyal long-term customers are our maintenance customers..."

Does anyone else see something a little off?  If your most loyal, long-term customers are paying maintenance, shouldn't you already be speaking to them on a regular basis anyway? 

Are they forcing this licensing change just to gain more customer interaction? Drive more money? Cull the Autodesk herd?  Your opinion is as good as mine. But I will say this:

There's always room for improvement, but at Kubotek, we strive to interact with our customers as much as we can. After all, its our users who will tell us if something is broken. They'll tell us what they wish they could do with our software. (Much of the time, they can do it, they just don't realize ir or know how!)

Customers also tell us what they love about KeyCreator (or other products) so we can keep doing more of the same.  And just listening to how customers use our product, day in and day out, gives our development team more insight into how we can produce even more industry leading Direct Modeling tools. 

I should also point out, that as a Direct CAD software, we strive to do EVERYTHING directly.  You deal with us when you want to purchase the software or speak with technical support. There is no middle man who you have to work with to get new purchases, upgrade old products (because yes, we do offer upgrades and will continue to do so, unlike Autodesk), need support or want additional training or use other product resources. And sometimes we just pick up the phone and say “Hey, its Kubotek how is everything going?” Simple and direct.

So, software subscriptions might have advantages for Autodesk to learn more about their customers, but by being a Direct CAD software in all senses of the word, we are already doing that.

P.S. If you read the interview, read the comments posted at the end of the article.  Whoa. There are points of view there that I hadn't even considered prior to reading the article!  I'll let them speak for themselves...

Also, speaking of upgrades.  And buying new licenses.  Now through November 30, 2015, we're offering great upgrade pricing to customers who have old (perpetual) software that they want to make current.  And if you want to buy any new software licenses, you can also contact us (directly) about our 20% off savings also good through November 30.

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