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KeyCreator 4D is here!

Posted by Michael Cole on Wed, Apr 01, 2015

Here at Kubotek, we’re constantly working on giving you the best Direct CAD software we can. That's why we are proud to announce the launch of KeyCreator 4D! Step aside 3D CAD. Your time is over 2D CAD.  Make way for the future. Yes, that's right. Make way for 4D CAD.

KeyCreator 4D will be the world’s first ever 4D CAD solution, and it will be the last 4D CAD you’ll ever need.

So, what is 4D CAD?  It's quite simple, really. KeyCreator 4D takes all of the elements of KeyCreator 3D Direct CAD and adds the ability to travel in time.  Easily create eternal, timeless structures whenever you want.  Dynamic and dimension driven editing are very powerful design tools, but imagine the power your designs will have with the free, fully integrated fourth dimension of time. Thanks to true direct modeling technology, our software has always been a time saver. But now you can literally save all the time you need! That's because with KeyCreator 4D, there are no deadlines. You can use 4D editing on a timeline stretching back to the beginning of…well, time itself.

Have you ever heard of the Colosseum in Rome? We have a team who created that so it will be able to stand for more than 2000 years!  The Pyramids?  That's us too, thanks to KeyCreator 4D and a brand new 4D printer.

One of our beta testers said, “I was just playing with the 4D interface, and trying out some basic shapes. I didn’t have a particular design in mind, so I just made a few and scattered them around.  Later that day I was hearing about this thing called ‘Stonehenge.’ Apparently my design became a big deal. Thank you KeyCreator 4D!”

One fallback of 4D CAD is that in ten years from now, some of the history-based CAD software will begin dabbling in 4D as well.  Unfortunately these companies still can’t get their history timeline to run without rebuild errors. The result? The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Lost City of Atlantis. And because they cannot read native CAD file formats, the Inca Empire will still not exist.

It’s alright though, thanks to KeyCreator 4D’s translators we can easily import and fix those problems before they even happen.  Because really. Everyone knows that towers shouldn't lean.  And how do you lose an entire city (unless it wasn't built right in the first place)?  By the way, Atlantis really is the best aquatic city in the world.  We take all of our employees there for our yearly retreat, and it’s glorious.

Check out this new KeyCreator 4D video now!

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