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Mold Design Made Easy with XMD-S & KeyCreator CAD

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Mon, Sep 26, 2011

Mold core designed in XMD-S with KeyCreator CAD software

Exciting news for Mold Designers using KeyCreator or CADKEY.

The makers of XMD - Expert Mold Designer - have a new package based in solids!

It's appropriately called XMD-S.

And the mold design software is available now. 

If you have never seen XMD-S Mold design software in action you have got to check it out!  And if you have XMD but haven't upgraded to XMD-S, you will be delighted by all of the new functionality in this new software package.

This add-on to KeyCreator Direct CAD software will simplify you life.  Well, maybe your work life, which might simplify your entire life!

Here is quick overview of XMD-S:

And please click here for a brief descritpion of XMD-S and to get more information.

Thanks for reading!

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Making Manufacturing Cool

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Thu, Sep 08, 2011


Tractor designed in KeyCreator Direct CAD

I received this blog article recently from a 24 year old named Derek Singleton that talked about how to make Manufacturing Cool in American schools. Actually, its a prescription for getting manufacturing education back into our schools.

His blog is full of great statistics and echo's our sentiments and commitment to re-invigorating manufacturing in the US.

Check out his blog here:

How Manufacturing Can Attract Young Talent Again

I hope you enjoy his blog.

Thanks for reading.

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