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KeyCreator 3D Direct CAD MicroSlices Training Sessions

Posted by Chelsea Gammon on Thu, Jul 15, 2010

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New KeyCreator MicroSlice Training:

This Friday, 7/16, Kubotek USA, Inc. is beginning the first of a long-term series of live mini-webinars, called KeyCreator MicroSlices.

Each of these webinars is a quick 15 minutes and covers focused topics related to our KeyCreator 3D Direct Modeling CAD software.

MicroSlices are ideal for a quick taste of great KeyCreator functions a user may have been missing, or perhaps just something that requires some more clarification.

During these mini-webinars, attendees may ask questions, to our application engineer and technical support representative.

MicroSlice topics will cover a wide spectrum of KeyCreator-related areas, and may address very pointed questions or concerns for users.

Some upcoming MicroSlice topics, are:

            Interface Set Up (This Friday)

            Dimension Driven Edit

            3D Mouse Set Up

            Transform Functions

            Imprint/Prune/Graft Use

KeyCreator MicroSlice training classes are free to attend and are held every other Friday at various times.

MicroSlices are very easy to register for; simply click here: MicroSlices Training, and select REGISTER NOW for the MicroSlice session you wish to attend.

So Grab a cuppa Jo and check out a MicroSlice Training session this Friday.  It may just super-caffeinate your design process!

See you there!


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