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45 Reasons Why You Can't Live Without 3D Direct Modeling

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Wed, Jan 27, 2010

Are you pulling your hair out as you painstakenly search through the history tree of someone else's CAD model just to remove a filet or change the location of a hole?

Is this what you signed up for when you first started to design using CAD?  How much hair do you have left to lose?

History-based modeling can also make you want to smash your keyboard into a bazillion little pieces (Did you see the guys on OCC doing just that on YouTube? Watch the History based CAD computer crash)

Many people are discovering a better way of life.  Working with 3D Direct CAD has been linked to a happier life, more peace and harmony with your fellow man.  You might even want to go to work!

There are many reasons to utilize 3D Direct Modeling in your company.  KeyCreator 3D Direct Modeler is the pioneer and most robust 3D Direct CAD in the industry.

Here are 10 of the top 45 reasons we came up for why you need 3D Direct Modeling.  What are yours?

45 Reasons you want 3D Direct Modeling.
45 Reasons you need 3D Direct Modeling.
45 Reasons you cannot live without 3D Direct Modeling.

  1. My designer changes his mind with every cup of coffee he drinks. And he drinks a lot of coffee
  2. I want to reuse the same model over and over
  3. My customers supply models in all sorts of formats
  4. My customer revised his model.
  5. Again.
  6. I'm tired of rebuilding models from scratch
  7. I want to quickly change dimensions on my model
  8. I can't figure out the steps my designer used to make his model. Who thinks like that?
  9. Manufacturing needs to actually make something with the model you provided
  10. Manufacturing can't make anything with the model I provided

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A Friday Afternoon Poem

Posted by John Agoglia on Fri, Jan 22, 2010

I once was an engineer from Nantucket,

who used to constantly yell out "Oh ___!",

I bought a seat of KeyCreator

A Direct 3D modeling leader

And now I laugh, "How could I've worked without it!"


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Hybrid Modeling - 2D/Surface/Solids - with 3D Direct Modeling

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Thu, Jan 21, 2010

We've been talking a lot about 3D Direct Modeling over the last year because frankly, its time to throwaway the history. 

The history based modelers are stuck in the history paradigm, and frankly again, that's good for companies that truly are 3D Direct Modelers.  The history based parametric modelers are adding some direct editing capabilities, but then programming it back into the history tree.  Why?  Because their underlying platform is history-based and they can't rewrite their entire modeler to be history-free.

So, once you've decided that you want the Freedom, flexibility and precision that you get with your history-free direct modeler, then you need to think about the strengths and weaknesses of the direct modelers available.

Kubotek's KeyCreator 3D Direct Modeler is a hybrid Modeler.  That means that you can work in any and all of its modes simultaneously: 2D/3D wireframe, solid, or surface.  You can mix and match as your are developing or editing your model.  This gives you the maximum freedom and simplicity to develop your model in the best way for you.  Joe Brower is the CEO of Tech-Net Inc.  He has been in the industry forever (more than 44 years!).  He models in both history-based and history-free modelers.  He calls KeyCreator "The King of Hybrid Modeling."  Tech-Net sells a variety of CAD systems.  Here is a short blog Joe wrote called Lost in Translation.

Joe talks about the benefits of a manufacturing shop in the aerospace supply chain using KeyCreator, both because of its ability to read all of the popular CAD formats, but also it's ability to easily edit these models in order to prepare them for manufacturing.

As you complete your planning for 2010.  I hope you will consider whether your PLM/CAD strategy includes the use of a History-Free 3D Direct Modeler.  Maybe the King of Hybrid Modeling is a tool worth adding to your tool arsenal for 2010?

Thank you for reading,


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2010 - The Year of 3D Direct Modeling

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Mon, Jan 04, 2010

Paul Hamilton of CoCreate has a blog entry that I wanted to share with you.  He talks about the confusion in the market in 2009 over history-based versus history-free modeling. 

He makes some good distinctions between what some of the large history-based parametric companies are trying to do versus what true 3D Direct Modelers are today.

He also correctly comments that 3D Direct modelers are making large gains in terms of functionality and productivity, where the history-based modelers are not.  I believe the history-based modelers are focusing on PLM and PDM, because their modelers are complex and need complex and costly PLM and PDM solutions.

Here is a link to his blog and the comments:


Please feel free to comment here or on Paul's blog.

Happy New Year!




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