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#TechTipTuesday-- KeyCreator 2017 V15 openBoM integration

#TechTipTuesday-- V15 Detailing Enhancements

#TechTipTuesday-- V15 Surfacing Enhancements (Dual Kernel)

#TechTipTuesday-- Basic Surface Creation

#TechTipTuesday-- CAD Translation Validation for Quality Systems Compliance

#TechTipTuesday-- Taking out the garbage geometry with KeyCreator

#TechTipTuesday-- New Microsoft Windows XP Security Update

#TechTipTuesday-- Creating a solid model from an image

#TechTipTuesday-- Dynamic XForm - DynaHandle Alignment

#TechTipTuesday-- Meeting & Exceeding Boeing's D6-51991 Requirements for Validating Translated CAD Data

#TechTipTuesday-- NURBS Curves - Curve Points vs. Control Points

#TechTipTuesday-- Part Modification Using Hybrid CAD Software Modeling Tools

Direct CAD as Part of the Lean Manufacturing Environment

#TechTipTuesday-- Healing CAD Models with KeyCreator

#TechTipTuesday-- 3D Labels and Part Marks Made Easy

#TechTipTuesday-- Using DynaHandle Dragging and Numerical Input

#TechTipTuesday--Design Libraries Using a CKD File

What's New in KeyCreator 2017 Version 14.5

KeyCreator CAD CKD Format Revealed – More Flexible Than You May Think

#TechTipTuesday--Compound Die Action Using Ghost Bodies

#TechTipTuesday--Making a Composite Table

#TechTipTuesday--Creating a Helical Groove on a Cylinder and a Chance to save on KeyCreator!

#TechTipTuesday--Using TraceParts Components in KeyCreator 2016

Break Free of the CAD History Tree

#TechTipTuesday: Modeling Trick- Creating a Die Relief

#TechTipTuesday: Modeling Trick- Fast Pipe Routing

From CAD Design to Prototype--A Look at 3D Printing File Formats

#TechTipTuesday: Grouping an Assembly

#TechTipTuesday: Using the AlongE Function - 3D

Are Manufacturers Safe Connecting to the IoT?

#TechTipTuesday--Slicing and Dicing a Sheet Metal Part

[Infographic] Top 3 CAD File Management Challenges

#TechTipTuesday--Using Quick Dimensions

Free CAD Viewer Downloads - Think Before You Click

#TechTipTuesday--Detailing: Detail Formatting On the Fly

#TechTipTuesday--Detailing: Using KeyCreator's Automatic Centerlines

#TechTipTuesday--Animation: A Multiple Link Mechanism with Air Cylinder

#TechTipTuesday--Detailing: Text to Geometry Basics

7 Things to Do in Chicago During the IMTS Show

#TechTipTuesday--Creating a Groove Pattern on a Cylinder with KeyCreator

#TechTipTuesday--Watch The KeyCreator Direct CAD 2016 Update Training

#TechTipTuesday Creating a Hyperlink to a Website with KeyCreator [Update 8/24/16]

Reworking Other People's CAD Designs

#TechTipTuesday Modeling Trick-- Removing a Full Blend

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize

#TechTipTuesday-Drive the DDE Tree with an external EXCEL spreadsheet.

Tech Tip Tuesday-Animation: Ejecting a Part with Gravity

[Infographic] Top 5 Challenges Facing Independent CAD Designers

#TechTipTuesday Interface & Customizing Creating a User-Defined View in KeyCreator

Tech Tip Tuesday--Animation: X-Y Compound Travel Using a Ghost Body

Manufacturers and CAD Designers Can Do More With Less

Tech Tip Tuesday--Animation: Using Collision with a Multiple Link Mechanism

Tech Tip Tuesday--Animation: Using Ghost Blocks and Ghost Cylinders to Control and Move Sliders

Do you know what to look for when hiring a CAD designer?

Tech Tip Tuesday--Importing & Exporting Using KeyCreator Files as Pattern Files - 3D

Power Combo of 3D Printers & Direct CAD Saves Manufacturers Time & Money

Tech Tip Tuesday--Modeling Trick: Gang Drilling & Cutting Using Boolean Combine

Tuesday Tech Tip--Animation: 3D CAD Modeling A Hoist With Gravity

[Infographic] A Quick Look at Improving Your DPD Audit Process

Contract Manufacturers Are Still Wasting Time With Broken Geometry

Why I Write About Changes

Overcome These 5 Common Challenges Facing Independent Designers

Poo-tacular Fun with a KeyCreator Trade Show Geek

We dropped the price of Kubotek Validation Tool. Here's why:

Defense wins Championships (and more business)

Questions for the New Kid on the Block

The Stuff KeyCreator Advocates Are Made Of

Using Direct CAD for Detailed Mechanical Design? Yes, you can!

Risks & Rewards in Life and Direct CAD

Here's How Photorealistic Rendering Can Make You Shine

Considering Direct CAD from an IT Point of View

Software Subscriptions and Customer Interaction?

To the moon! (With KeyCreator Direct CAD)

What Your Boss Doesn't Know About Meeting Deadlines

Has KeyCreator Direct CAD Gone to the Dogs?

Job Shops are Losing Money Using the Wrong CAD

4 Things to Think About to Help You Work Faster with CAD Models

KeyCreator Direct CAD is not a key creator. (Friday Office Funnies)

KeyCreator 4D is here!

Naming your KeyCreator License - New Video Posted

Want to buy KeyCreator Direct CAD online? Now you can!

Phantom Steel is not a super-hero! (CAD Animation might be, though.)

Need a reason to upgrade to KeyCreator 2015? We got 11 of 'em.

All you really need to know about Direct CAD you learned in kindergarten.

Should You Copy-cat Your Customer's CAD Software?

What is Direct Modeling?

Contract Manufacturing Adopts Direct CAD?

Is Direct CAD Easy to Learn?

Of Clouds and Men (or CAD, Direct CAD, that is...)

The Evolution of CAD Tools for Manufacturing - Are We Better Off Now?

How is KeyCreator different from SolidWorks?

Rebirth of American Manufacturing - Software & Democratization

Jersey Shore House Designed With KeyCreator Direct CAD Survived Sandy

Direct CAD an essential tool for the Job Shop

Phrases overhead by the Queen regarding KeyCreator 2012 Direct CAD

Sefea - the smart lady behind KeyCreator Analysis

A Dozen Reasons to LOVE KeyCreator CAD software

The Joy of CAD Comparison

5 reasons NOT to attend the KeyCreator Compare Webinar

To tree or NOT to tree... (CAD history Tree)

KeyCreator University - A wealth of training resources

Mold Design Made Easy with XMD-S & KeyCreator CAD

Making Manufacturing Cool

8 Reasons to Use ECO Manager to Communicate Engineering Design Changes

Got a great CAD design - Win a prize!

Engineering Matters Blog on Kubotek ECO Manager

What will Alibre CAD become?

10 reasons why assembly management in Direct Modeling is the BOMb!

Why Manufacturing Should Throw Away their History-Based CAD Modeler

3 things Direct CAD is and parametric history-based CAD isn’t

Nurturing technology with Direct Modeling

KeyCreator University Open for Business

IGES files open faster in KeyCreator than in SolidWorks

A good day of Direct Modeling is like a good day of Fishing.

How the Royal Wedding is like Direct Modeling

6 1/2 Reasons to Ignore the Trend in Direct CAD Technology

Direct Modeling - So What?

KeyCreator 2011 Direct CAD review by Kenneth Wong

Aberdeen Study: Your CAD system should import other's Native files

Using the Offset Solid Tool in KeyCreator

Duplicating Features in KeyCreator

Spotlight on KeyCreator Prune and Graft Productivity

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Kubotek USA

Use KeyCreator and you can get rid of a Boss with a simple Scribe.

10 signs that your CAD Software is Wrong for your organization

One Step Assembly Configurations with KeyCreator

CAD Software Revolution of 2010

Kubotek NVIDIA Graphics Card Shootout, Part 2 of 2

Kubotek NVIDIA Graphics Card Shootout, Part 1

Kubotek's Own Top Secret Project

Mummies more productive with Direct CAD over History Based CAD 3 to 1

Wright Flight & Kubotek USA

When Design Intent Bites you in the Mouse, use KeyCreator!

Celebrate the Harvest Moon, Steel Day and KeyCreator Enhancements

What makes a great web Community?

Does 64-bit Computing Matter for CAD Users?

Why settle for dead bodies; use KeyCreator to avoid dumb solids

Bob Ross and The Joy of 3D Direct Modeling

Graphics Performance Across the MCAD Industry

KeyCreator 3D Direct CAD MicroSlices Training Sessions

Red Bull Air Races-Talk About Freedom and Precision!

The Folly of One Company CAD / PLM Thinking

Upgrade your History-Based CAD and BE FREE!

The FAA, Model Based Definition and Your 3D Data

CAD Direct Modeling with the 3Dconnexion SpacePilot Pro 3D Mouse

New Manufacturing CAD/CAM/Machining Paradigm - CNN Video

FranKey's Latest

Monkey Trained to Create 3D Designs Using KeyCreator 3D Direct CAD

Unlearning History-Based Parametrics - The joy of 3D Direct Modeling

Cookies and 3D Direct Modeling. Are they related, too?

How 3D direct modeling and the way I clean my house are related.

Using 3D to power the shop floor – the quiet revolution

Another Bobsled Accident, FEA Simulation of Whistler's Bobsled Track?

SkillsUSA donation by Kubotek USA

Can I make it through my normal business day with free software?

50 Reasons KeyCreator is the Best 3D Direct CAD Modeler

45 Reasons Why You Can't Live Without 3D Direct Modeling

A Friday Afternoon Poem

Hybrid Modeling - 2D/Surface/Solids - with 3D Direct Modeling

2010 - The Year of 3D Direct Modeling

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the plant...

KeyCreator Version 9 Review

Manufacturing is changing in the United States

Direct Versus History Based Modeling

What about a Hand Shake

How Important is Speed in CAD Software?

Direct Modeling in Today's Manufacturing World

A blast from the (Aerospace) past...

Commentary on 8 reasons Engineers should spend their free time in the Machine Shop

Direct Modeling, Explicit Modeling, Kubotek KeyCreator CAD

3D Direct Dimension editing Technology gets better in KeyCreator V9

CADKEY to KeyCreator: Past and Present

Manufacturing Outlook - Are you ready?

Spectrum CAD Viewer $99 Sale - Freedom from Incompatible CAD files

Manufacturing Outlook - Are you ready?

Manufacturing Productivity Tip - Multi-CAD Viewers for Manufacturing

Why Job Shops and Contract Manufacturers need a Multi-CAD viewer

Highly flexible CAD - TCT Magazine Kubotek KeyCreator Review

Recognizing Features

Retooling Manufacturing Business in Downturn and Upturn

Why Industrial Designers like KeyCreator for CAID

America’s Youth in Manufacturing

KeyCreator + HyperShot = Awesome Photorealistic Designs

Parametric History Based CAD For Operation Sheets…Really?!

Parametric is Restrictive

American Manufacturing - America's Youth

CAD in the days of Lotus 1-2-3?

What do bananas and solid models have in common?

America’s Youth in Manufacturing

Now is the time

The "Masters of Geometry" Welcome you to the Kubotek Blog Site