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New Manufacturing CAD/CAM/Machining Paradigm - CNN Video

Posted by Scott Sweeney on Mon, Apr 12, 2010

 I was at the gym as usual during my lunch hour and was watching the various TVs as they peaked my interest.

I saw a promo on CNN for their upcoming feature on high tech jobs replacing the old low tech manufacturing jobs.

They featured a South Carolina Machining Company, Adex Machining Technologies. The company focuses on the machinists who are designing fixtures using CAD and developing toolpaths using CAM and they are actually the ones on the floor machining the parts!

The point to the story is that these a well paying jobs and they are skilling jobs and not the dirty, unskilled manufacturing jobs of the past. (CNN called it lean manufacturing.)

The other point is that one person can do all jobs required to get the parts made. There is no division of skilled and less skilled workers. This is the essence of what we have been "preaching" at Kubotek.  That is why our tools are very practical. They are perfect for the manufacturing plants of today and tomorrow, where the traditional design/manufacturing/plant barriers do not exist and where one person or teams can truly do the whole job.  We salute CNN for running the story and ADEX Machining for being the manufacturer of today and of the future.  If you want to watch the clip, I've included it here.  CNN The-new-face-of-blue-collar.

Thank you for reading and I covet your comments.


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