15 Tips to Passing a Boeing D6-51991 Supplier Quality Audit

Boeing 787As a Boeing supplier, having CAD Validation software (and knowing how to use it) is just one check-box you need in order to pass your quality audit. 

In knowing how to use CAD Validation software well, you will find there are secondary benefits that can help you improve your overall quality and manufacturing processes.

We have compiled 15 tips that will help demystify some key points of The Boeing Company’s Document D6-51991, Quality Assurance Standard for Digital Product Definition (DPD). 

Download the PDF now to find out how you can make this quality standard work for you and your process.

Where CAD data validation is concerned, we kind of know what we are talking about.  After all, we developed our Validation Tool software in conjunction with Boeing, and according to their specs, to replace their aging data validation software (aka IGES_CHK).


If you're a Boeing supplier, or even other general aerospace suppliers (Airbus, Gulfstream, or Lockheed suppliers to name a few), you'll uncover ways CAD Validation Software can enhance your manufacturing processes for a variety of quality related purposes. 

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